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  Odyssea Origins Odyssea came into existence formed through an idea by creator Peter Holdsworth which came to him after the loss of his Grandmother, with whom he had shared many happy times over the years. Naturally, these happy memories would stay with him in his mind but in time would fade and he began to wonder what it would have been like to have known his grandmother in her early years and the way in which her own life’s journey had developed. If Odyssea had been available to Peter’s grandmother the memories and moments, that defined her and made her the woman he had come to love and admire so deeply would have been recorded and never lost to time. Inspired by these thoughts the idea for a digital memory application was born. But how to go about making this a reality? There was a long journey ahead and many obstacles to overcome. The story begins… Peter approached his local Job centre and decided to share his idea with Ian shears who is a Business mentor, and works for the Europe

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